Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We are proud to announce...

We have a baby bell pepper!! Day 10 of our Garden and we are still going strong. We thought for sure that the storm was going to take it out but, apparently, we bought some resilient plants.

Out of 3 bell pepper plants we have 1 that has become the over achiever of the group and already producing. The other 2 are showing promise with some buds and small flowers. Our banana peppers are still just blooming with no buds just yet. Our zucchini's are doing great!! The seedlings are catching up to the starter plants we purchased. Though I am worried that I might have planted either 2 different varieties of zucchini or didn't buy a zucchini plant since the leaves of the starter plants do not match those of the seeds...oh well. Keeps life interesting.

I think our Chunk might be a little upset that we took over her stomping grounds for the garden. She keeps laying on a cantaloupe plant and when we leave her alone to long outside, we find her tromping around inside the garden...oh well.

Our herbs are doing great! The cilantro is going wild! And the herbs in our window planter box are doing great. Sadly I think I may have lost a dill plant those...

Day 1
Day 10

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